Airfares surge after grounding of faulty planes

NEW DELHI: Cancellation of 65 flights by the country’s largest airline IndiGo and GoAir due to grounding of 11 aircraft lead to a spike in last-minute fares on Tuesday, as passengers booked on cancelled flights tried to rebook on alternative flights.“The cancellation of flights has resulted in a fairly significant impact on the airfares for immediate travel on some key routes. We have seen fares of over Rs 12,000 for a one-way between Delhi and Mumbai flight for today,” Sharat Dhall, COO (B2C) at online travel portal Yatra. com, said on Tuesday.Dhall expects the impact on fares to recede in the coming days. “With current load factors at over 90%, this reduction in capacity is likely to have a 5-10% impact on fares on key routes in the short to medium term,” he said. “In order to cause minimum inconvenience to the passengers, the airlines are giving an option to passengers to choose another flight at no additional cost and giving full refund on any cancellations,” he said. Other industry executives, however, said the impact has not been much as cancellation in percentage of total flights is less.

IndiGo, which cancelled 47 flights, operates 1,000 flights a day while GoAir cancelled 18 out of its 140 flights per day. “Flights have either been combined or we have seen passengers accommodated on other flights. As of now we have seen no unnatural spurt in fares,” said a senior executive at Cleartrip.The fares were also up on flights to Tier-2 destinations. On Tuesday, last-minute fares between Delhi and Bhubaneswar ranged from Rs 7,000 to Rs 29,000 and Rs 9,000 to Rs 27,000 for Wednesday.On the Delhi-Guwahati route, fare ranged between Rs 6,000 and Rs 24,000 on Tuesday and Rs 7,000 and Rs 12,000 for Wednesday.

Source : Airfares surge after grounding of faulty planes

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